Mila & Nori

Mila & Nori

Diabetic Alert Team | Toronto, ON

Mila is 13 and lives with her family in Toronto. Mila was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 8, which was hard on both her and her family.

“As she grew, Mila and her family had started to see the challenges of Diabetes, and how it affected Mila’s day to day life. Mila had soon began to not recognize her low blood sugars as often as she should. So, she had to test her blood sugar multiple times a day, to make sure it was in range, and having a low blood sugar was always something that her family and Mila had to worry about every single day.  We also had to worry about her blood sugar dropping in the night, and so we had to wake up multiple times a night, just to make sure she wasn’t low,” wrote one of her family members in an interview with Pet Valu.

After learning about Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides after a trip to a local mall, Mila and her family were amazed by what Diabetic Alert Dogs could do and quickly signed up. “Soon we were accepted into the program, and Mila received the best gift of all, her dog Nori.”

Diabetic Alert dogs monitor their partners blood sugar at all times, and alert them to blog sugar lows. Nori is also trained to call for help should Mila need it, and to bring Mila much-needed medical supplies. Mila and Nori are also deeply bonded, “Mila has always wanted a dog, and to have Nori means the world to her. Nori gives her and her family, a peace of mind, and helps Mila feel protected. Nori shows Mila that she doesn’t have to deal with diabetes alone, and that she will always have a companion to help her through all her struggles, and keep her safe, and give her the happiness and joy that only dogs can provide. From now on, Nori will always be there for Mila, and that’s one of the amazing things, that Nori does to support Mila.”

The difference Nori has made in Mila’s life is immeasurable, and it was made possible by people like you who gave to this amazing cause, “People who have disabilities, already have so much to deal with, and by donating money, you are helping them receive access to live a normal day to day life. By donating money, you are helping people who need Dog Guides feel special, and showing them that people are there to help them. People need these dogs, and can only get it from the money that you donate to them. So support the cause, and give someone the gift that they need.”

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