Jennifer & Kesha

Jennifer & Kesha

Hearing Team | Rossendale, MB

Jennifer and her Dog Guide Kesha from Rossendale, Manitoba, are graduates of the Hearing Ear program. Your generous donations made it possible for Jennifer to receive Kesha. Jennifer, now 51, started to have her hearing deteriorate at the age of 30. Kesha alerts Jennifer of things such as alarm clocks, people at the door or the phone ringing. Not only this, she also gives Jennifer the confidence to work again and provides her with security. “I can go to work and have an income again. I can go to sleep, relax, knowing Kesha is there to alert me to my home environment,” says Jennifer. Kesha is a 2 year old standard poodle. When she is not working she is described as silly, fun and a treat lover! Kesha was also briefly trained in special skills as Jennifer sometimes needs to use a cane.

What do your donations mean to a Dog Guide recipient? “Donating money is like saving a life. Allowing a person to grow, be a responsible member of society, and contribute back to the world we live in,” says Jennifer.

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