Michael & Nico

Michael & Nico

Diabetic Alert Team | Burnaby, BC

Meet Michael and his Dog Guide Nico, from Burnaby, BC. They are recent graduates of the Diabetic Alert program through Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. Although Michael has dealt with diabetes since his youth, he was diagnosed as a brittle diabetic in 2011 ­ a hard-to-control sub-type of type 1 diabetes.

How does Nico make a difference in Michael’s life? “If I have low blood sugar, he alerts me to it. I can honestly say that Nico has saved my life. He has alerted me when I have been in a severe low and almost to the point of being unconscious,” replies Michael. Since partnering with Nico, Michael is able to be out of the house on his own, go for walks and meet with friends without the fear of having a low blood sugar attack. Nico has fit perfectly into Michael’s life and is always willing and ready to help. Nico is a playful dog who enjoys being in the park and playing ball.

Why are your donations important? “Donating to the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides is giving people their lives and independence back to them. There so many areas in which dog guides are able to support,” remarks Michael.

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