Sinbad & The Cowans

Sinbad & The Cowans

Sinbad was adopted from the National Adoption Weekend event at Pet Valu Milton in April of 2018. Sinbad was adopted through a Dog’s Dream Rescue, who bring dogs up from shelters in Kentucky and Ohio with the hopes of them finding Forever Homes in Canada.

Another photogenic Beagle also found his Forever Home at an adoption event at this store – The Duchess of Sussex’s (then Meghan Markle) dog Guy! Reach more about Guy, here.

We spoke with the Cowan family about their adoption story:

What made you decide to adopt from National Adoption Weekend?

So we met Sinbad by accident, we weren’t intending to adopt a dog that day – or any day in the future.  My kids just finished up swimming lessons and asked if we could stop at the store for a treat.

As we approached the store we saw about 10 dog crates lined up outside with cute dogs in them.  My kids begged me to go see them. I agreed but I told them we wouldn’t be buying a dog, that we’re only going to say hello.

Sure enough, the first dog we saw was Sinbad.  He was so happy and full of life.  His tail wouldn’t stop wagging.  We asked to pet him and someone opened the cage for us.  As soon as he came out he jumped on my son and started giving him kisses.  The person working was giving us a brief history on Sinbad and told us he was a rescue and he was available for adoption.  We fell in love with him instantly.  I signed all the papers and home we all went.

What is Sinbad like at home?

It was a struggle at first, he was a lot of work.  We weren’t used to a big dog and our two cats weren’t very fond of him and neither was my husband.  Two weeks after we took him home, he got spayed by a skunk!  He smelt for weeks and I was constantly bringing him in for baths.  It was very challenging.  Despite all the trouble, we loved Sinbad – he brought a beautiful energy to our home.

It’s been six months since we adopted Sinbad and we have no regrets.  He makes us smile everyday and he’s still waging his tail all the time.  He’s very happy and we are too.  He enjoys his morning car rides to drop the kids off at school and loves his weekly trip to the dog park.

What advice would you give for parents looking to adopt?

If someone was thinking of adopting a pet and not sure, I would tell them to do it.  It’s so rewarding and there are so many dogs out there who need homes.  If you have a little patience and love in your heart that’s all you really need.

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